What is the genius war?


Have you ever been in a place that somehow resonated deeply within you?

Perhaps this place felt alive. Maybe you even felt as though you were being watched. Perhaps you never visited there before. But nonetheless, you knew, that "it" knew.  

A Genius Loci is a "Spirit of the Place"

Many cultures recognize that some special locations can host an awareness that takes on or reflects the intrinsic qualities of that place, partaking of the sum of human activity that transpires there.  The classical Roman tradition stated that a genius loci was the protective spirit of a place. The more people that were present, the "stronger" the events that occurred within reach of the genius, then the more that the loci was affected. 

If there are such things as Genius Loci...

...they've certainly outlived any single human lifespan. They've lived for scores or human lifespans.  They've lived long enough to compete with one another. Since human activity fuels the loci, humans could be viewed as a resource. And resources create competition. Competition can lead to conflict... and worse.

Try the first story in The Genius War

My story "Three Kates" is set in this new universe, and you can find it included in the anthology "Noir Fatale", edited by Larry Correia and Kacey Ezell and published by Baen. It will give you an early look at my upcoming series and you also get to enjoy the other terrific tales as a bonus!