Who is mike massa, anyway?

BUD/S Instructor During Hellweek


This sailor invited mom and dad to watch an evolution near the famous Hotel Del Coronado. I insisted that he wave to them, in the form of 8-Counts. The guy in the lower right is sporting the smile that only those who haven't been caught can appreciate.

I loved my time in the Teams. The places I visited, the men I worked with and some of our shenanigans make it into my writing. 

Buttoned Down Businessman


Once out of the Teams, I embraced corporate life, ranging from stints in a start-up to life inside a very large investment bank. Expensive suits and ties, London, New York, Frankfurt. This picture was taken from the foc'stle of ARA Libertad, across from USS Constellation. 

It was a highly educational ride, in its own way. Glad to be done with it, though.

Dad, Hubby and Sci-Fi Geek


My long-suffering wife and family continue to put up with my antics, but they share my love for science fiction, fantasy, comics, cons, books and fun adventures. This is me, attempting to invoke author privilege whilst Mrs. M. and kinder dig us out from a winter storm.

Did I mention that they still put up with my malarkey?