In 2014 I was asked a question

by my friend and NYT Bestseller, John Ringo. He was assembling the first anthology set in his award winning Black Tide Rising universe. He wanted to know if I was interested in submitting a short story to the collection.


But a single story wasn't enough. I'd caught the writing bug. Since that first short, I've been privileged to collaborate with John on two novels of the Black Tide and contributed two more short stories to his universe. I've also been invited to several other anthologies,  helmed by authors like Larry Correia, Mike Williamson, Chuck Gannon, Kacey Ezell, Les Johnson, Tom Kratman and more. 

Now, I've begun my solo effort: a new series set in a world I call The Genius War. I hope to see it published in 2020. In the meantime, please enjoy the books and anthologies already out!

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